Monday, September 26, 2016

Refrigerator Up Do

Hi Everyone.
I am going to show you how I am starting to up date builder stock appliances when you do not have new appliances in your budget.

Until Terry finds a new job we are on a very tight budget so the builder stock appliances in this town house will have to stay for awhile.  

I thought with very little funds, some creative decor crazy and Terry and his tools,  maybe we could make these appliances look nice and more up to date.

This post is going to be about the Refrigerator Up Do!!!

Remember my post on re purposing Terry's grandmothers cabinet to the empty open space above the refrigerator.
You can see that post here.  I wanted the refrigerator to blend more with the above cabinet.
The refrigerator is just a simple side by side refrigerator.  Nothing  fancy about it.  We actually bought this when we moved in.  The  refrigerator left here was not working and I did not have a budget for all new appliances.  We just wanted to get something simple and white to match the other white appliances.  

We went to the Sears Outlet and found this Kenmore.  I have never been to a Sears Outlet before and a friend told me she got some great deals on nice appliances there.  This Kenmore premium side by side was originally $1800 marked down to $1100 and the day we went in they had an additional 50% off.  So that refrigerator was $550 out the door.  So if you need a temporary fix or top of the line appliances for not a lot of money.  Check out the outlet if you have one near you. They carry all brands from top of the line on down.  

 They are marked down sometimes just because of a ding or dent.  This one had a dent on the side but it is up against the cabinet so you do not see it.  This also came with all the warranties since it is a new appliance and never used.   It is hit or miss at these outlets but sometimes you can really score.  So this refrigerator will be good until we can budget for new appliance down the road.

So we began this refrigerator make over with taking off the handles.

We found this very inexpensive trim at Home Depot.  

Here is the trim put on the original handles.  Terry wet the trim and then attached and molded it to the handles.  Pretty clever.  Now I could use the original handles and just dress them up a little bit.

Now even with the refrigerator having a cabinet feel and the new trim pieces it still felt ho hum to me.  

Yep!  It needs something on that long door to feel finished and tie into the cabinet above.  So........
Added a  trimmed out chalk board.

So the refrigerator has trim and a new chalk board to give a little character.  So for less than $30 I have given the refrigerator a little face lift.  After looking at this refrigerator for a little bit I still felt it needed the trim to stand out more!
Yep! I got the eye roll from Terry when I said that out loud!!!

So we brushed on the ebony stain and then wiped it with a cloth to give a vintage gray effect to the trim and door

So now the refrigerator has a little more gray in it that brings out the trim and off sets the refrigerator from the light gray walls.

We had enough trim pieces to trim out the pantry door too.

Adding a little bit of inexpensive trim to the stock pantry doors just took it up a notch.  It gives a more finished look to boring flat white doors.  
I decided the pantry door too did not stand out on it's own with the new painted trim.  So out came the stain and after we stained it and rubbed it out we added a white wash treatment
This is an up close picture of the pantry door.  You can see the texture the stain gave to the white paint. 

I did the same stain treatment to the pantry door and trim as the refrigerator.  Again good pictures during a cloudy day are a challenge.  Sorry this looks a little washed out.

Now I am on a roll.  Next challenge the dishwasher.

Hope you have a great start to the new week.  Our temps here in Illinois have dropped to the 70's.  Just beautiful open the windows weather now.  I know fall is on its way.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Happy Week End And Big Big Thank You's!

Happy Week End.  Our weather here in Chicago has been gorgeous.  Low 70's and beautiful breezes coming in the windows.

I said this many times and it is so true there are the best peeps in Blog Land.  Since I started blogging awhile ago I have met and become friends with so many wonderful bloggers.  It is amazing how this land of blogging brings complete strangers together in friendship.

  I wanted to show you a few things I received in my Happy Mail this week.

The sweet little witch mouse I got from my friend Judy at Gold Country Cottage.  Judy and I have become friends through blogging and I adore her and her blog.  I was admiring her little witch mouse on a post she recently put up on her blog and she went ahead and sent me her sister.  Oh my gosh the sweetness of Judy gifting me this mouse.  This mouse is so adorable and whimsical.  She will be perfect when I start my fall decor.
 Thank you Judy.
  Love her Judy.  Thank you xxoo.
I have to share a funny story about my phobia with spiders.  I can take snakes, mice, you name it but am so afraid of spiders.  My answer to seeing a spider in the house is to "burn the house down!!!"  I know they are so great and do so many wonderful things in nature but I am just so afraid of them.  So I have to say the little spider on my new witch will stay and I will not burn the house down!!!!  I think this will be the only spider allowed in my house!!!!!

Celeste from Southern Day Dreams blog is one of the most creative souls and does beautiful hand made treasures.  Recently she had a blog post here on her newest pumpkin treasures for sale in her Etsy site.  I fell in love with so many but decided to buy her small white sweater pumpkins. I know shocker that I would pick WHITE sweater pumpkins lol!!!
 This is the packaging above.  Presentation is everything and Celeste's presentation of my pumpkins purchase was amazing.  She had this cute little thank you card along with some sweet tea and halloween tags she made on the top of the box.
These are all the sweet treats she attached to the top of the box.  Celeste is such a wonderful artist I have always admired her beautiful hand painted roses.  Look at the pretty Thank you Card with the hand painted rose.  Just so pretty.

Celeste also enclosed this sweet little pumpkin sachet as a thank you for purchasing the set of white sweater pumpkins.  So sweet!
Love the beautiful white sweater pumpkins with their real pumpkin stems.  Celeste these are going to be so pretty in my fall decor.  Thank you thank you mon amiee.  Love them.

Here is the information on Celeste's blog and Etsy shop.  I love to give a shout out to friends in blog land that are talented and I have purchased from.  Celeste does not disappoint.  Please visit her blog and shop to see all the creative pieces she creates from her heart.  I cannot wait to see what she does for Christmas.  I know it will be beautiful.

Have a wonderful Week End.
As we say goodbye to summer :( and start to welcome in fall.  Hope all your decorating will be creative and fun.  I am hanging on to these last few days of summer.  My flowers are still hanging on so I am thinking of fall decor just have not started it yet.

How about you have you started to decorate for fall?

Thank you sweet Judy and Celeste.  I love my treasures.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Few Things To Share As The New Week Begins!

My daughter posted this on Facebook about me lol!!!!!!!

I live with a bunch of comedians!!!!!

We not only had Charlotte's Baptism on Saturday it was also  Grandparents Day.
On the left is my mom seated and then granddaughter Abby big sister to Charlotte.  Terry's mom and dad.  It was special because Terry's Dad is a Deacon in the Catholic Church and baptized Charlotte his great granddaughter.  Made the Baptism even more special.
Nice to have grandparents and great grandparents all together to celebrate the Baptism and Grandparents Day.

Ok now on to a fun new Shop.

Morris,  the cute town I talk about with sweet shops has one called Vintage.   Vintage is one of my faves.  When we arrived I notice the shop was cleared out and gone.  I thought "oh no this can't be"!!!  I asked in some of the other shops about what might have happened to Vintage?  They said she had major problems with the landlords and had to move out quickly but they said she opened up in a new shop called Ugly Duckling in New Lenox.  I did the happy dance since I live in New Lenox.

The grand opening was yesterday for Ugly Duckling.
With Charlotte's Baptism I could not make the grand opening and went on Sunday.
  Kathleen is the owner of Ugly Duckling and so sweet she allowed me to take some pics to share with all of you.  She has a few vendors inside the shop along with her beautiful pieces.  Vintage  being one of the new vendors.

Ugly Duckling will be a pop up shop and open on occasion and every other week end.  

  You will see as you stroll through my pics how fabulous this shop is.

Charming building.

Junk and Disorderly!!!! Love this vendors name and her great treasures for sale.
This is what I brought home with me.  I am going to hang the vintage hanger and bird cage on the porch with some fall decor.  I think this filled with some cute pumpkins, fall leaves etc. will look cute.

Look at this fabulous chair in the background.  Just adorable.  Sold as I was taking the picture :(

Another fabulous piece that was sold.

I want no!! I need that awesome Bakery Sign.  It is hard to tell from the picture but the wood is old barn wood with lots of character.

The owner Kathleen will be running painting classes.  She has a great area with lots of room for her classes.

  Everything is vintage and hand made so she wants to have it be a new experience each time she opens up the shop.  So in between being open she will be working on handmade pieces along with her vendors bringing in new treasures for sale.

The grand opening was yesterday and Kathleen said they sold out almost the whole store.    I am excited to have it right in my neighborhood.  It will be fun to go back at the next opening to see all the new treasures for sale.

Kathleen has her Facebook page here where she will post the dates she will be open.

So if you live near New Lenox Illinois then you must come and visit this cute shop.  Heck if you live near New Lenox you must come visit me and we will shop!!!!

 My mom leaves today to go back to Florida.  All the family is going back to work.  The fun week end is over and I have my quiet house back.
Wishing you all a great week.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Beautiful Family Time. Great Shopping. Meet Lawrence

Hi Everyone.  Happy Friday.
This has been a busy week for me.  My mom came in from Florida to stay with us.  We are having our newest grand baby Charlotte's baptism tomorrow.
We have been preparing a big celebration for this sweet little one tomorrow.  Lots of family, friends and good food after the baptism.  I cannot believe she is 9 weeks old already.
While I was down watching the girls with my mom this week we decided to do a little primitive decorating.  My daughter lives out in the country and she loves primitive decor.  Seriously you pass cows on the way to the grocery store lol!
 I thought I would play and do some cute vignettes for her.  I gave her this cute chippy flower box awhile ago so I collected some things from around the house to add to the vignette.  That cute owl was made by Judy from 20 North Ora a while back and gifted to me.  Judy makes the cutest pillows.  Now I am thinking I need that cute white chippy flower box back for my house!!!!

I played on her porch with some fun prim decor.  The wagon is a fun vintage find.  The wheels are fabulous.

I gave Jen this white chippy chair when we moved.  Loved that sweet chair from my old laundry room.  So happy it has a new place on her front porch.

I added this fun basket and some of her prim bee items.  Now her porch has a little summer and beginning fall feel.

A  fun trip to Morris with my mom yesterday.
Morris Illinois is where all my fave little shops are and a great tea room to have lunch.  Such a sweet and quaint town to visit.  One of the shops I love is Whimsy.  I thought I would show you a few pics of this great shop and then let you meet Lawrence who I adopted and took home!!!!
Traci that owns Whimsy has some of the cutest and unique pieces of jewelry.  Love the way she displays all her treasures for sale.

Lots of cute fall tops in stock.  Had some fun going through those racks.  Sorry for the grainy pics from my cell phone.  Take my word this shop is fabulous and the displays are beautiful.

Oh la la Paris anyone!!!!

Before I introduce you to Lawrence I want you to meet his brothers David and Eugene riding their vintage tricycle!

This is Lawrence by the front door of the shop.  As you can see my cell phone camera does not adjust for lighting.  Believe me he was so cute greeting everyone as they came in the door of the shop

Since I did not get a great pic of him in the shop I took one this morning at home for this post.  It is rainy and cloudy here in Chicago land today.

Look at his cute little overalls with a pumpkin and straw in his pocket.

He was just so sweet and cute I brought him home to be part of my fall front porch decor.  He lights up at night too.
I found a cute vintage basket that I will fill with gourds, pumpkins and fall flowers to put with him on the porch.  I might add some white chippy paint to his ladder.

 Still to much like summer to start the fall decor just yet.  It was fun to find this sweet guy and have him ready for fall.

Well I am off the grid for awhile with all the fun things going on with my mom in and family gatherings.
Have a great week end.
Just enjoy these last days of summer.
Fall will be moving in soon.